energy efficient automated lighting control systems on-site and remote access energy saving solutions for all types of buildings 24 hours, 365 days support fully compliant to exacting new standards powerful and unique features easy integration workstation control

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We pride ourselves on our quality products, after sales service and involvement with end users. We offer maintenance, technical support and ongoing system checks throughout the life cycle of our automated lighting products. All our system component parts are covered by a 5 year  warranty period.

Our innovative and flexible system can be designed and configured to meet any lighting specification or requirement, at a price to suit all budgets and with a focus on customer service.

As an industry leader in automated lighting zencontrol is committed to providing the most cost effective lighting control solutions not only in terms of initial capital and installation costs, but in long term running costs and carbon footprint. Our lighting control products can add to the energy efficiency rating of a development, saving money and helping the environment.

zencontrol promotes the very latest in intelligent IoT compatible lighting control, boasting cloud based features with enterprise grade encryption protection

Solutions for all types of buildings
24 hours, 365 days support
On-site & remote access
Fully compliant to exacting new standards

Powerful & unique features
Easy integration
Event based logic

Daylight harvesting
Scene setting
Secure systems
Workstation control

Why zencontrol products?

Control systems take a long time to set up and commission, the solution: zencontrol does all the hard parts. Save time, money and reduce risk with the automatic setup features in zencontrol products. Our smart controllers make light work of the tasks which burden installers automatically:

  • Scanning settings from luminaires, switches and sensors
  • Readdressing new devices
  • Fixing address conflicts
  • Set up of switches and sensors
  • Grouping rooms
  • Syncing data changes made by the installer or users
The London Stadium - zencontrol


We design & commission energy efficient automated lighting control and emergency lighting systems to a wide range of buildings across the UK, including new builds and refurbishments.

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Maintenance of Lighting Control Systems zencontrol


Currently maintaining over 150 projects around the UK, ranging from small single story schools to high profile MOD bases, working together with end user clients and facilities management companies.

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Lighting Control Systems for Fire Stations

Case Studies

We are proud to have worked on a number of high profile projects, supplying lighting control systems to a wide range of industries including; major sports venues, arenas and buildings throughout the UK.

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Emergency lighting

Our sister company Ektor UK Ltd is the UK distributor for the Ektor range of emergency lighting products manufactured by Maco Lighting. The high performance products are designed in Australia by the Maco research and design team who pride themselves on high quality design, manufacture and service with an innovative capacity to stay ahead of the field.

  • Exit signs
  • Safety signs
  • Emergency lights
  • Inverters
  • Ballasts
  • Automation devices incorporating the DALI & DALI emergency control protocols
Emergency Lighting

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Workstation Control - zencontrol

Workstation control
Individual workstation control is gaining traction for employers looking to increase employee comfort. zencontrol personal USB interface is the perfect accessory to give employees individual room control without commissioning.

Integration of Lighting Control - zencontrol

zencontrol makes integration easy with several supported methods: BACnet over IP (client and server), RS232 connections, Modbus over IP, Volt free I/O (low level triggers), KNX over IP (coming 2018) and Cloud based API.

Scene Lighting Control - zencontrol

Boardrooms, meeting spaces and other presentation areas commonly require the ability to change the lighting of individual or groups of luminaires to fit the requirements of the occupants. zencontrol supports easily configurable scenes and accessories.

Daylight Harvesting of Lighting - zencontrol

Daylight harvesting
Users requiring maximum energy savings can use natural light to offset artificial light usage. zencontrol employs several products and techniques which aid in reducing the setup time and increase the daylight linking accuracy.

Event based Logic Lighting Control - zencontrol

Event based logic
Changing how a room or area performs based on event logic, such a room partition opening or closing, is easy with zencontrol’s event based logic. Event based logic allows dynamic changes to the actions performed from switch and sensor activity, directly from events triggered through other logic input devices. This means when dividers are open, switches and sensors control all lights and when closed, only those in their relevant area.

Circadian rhythm
Light colour and intensity play important roles in human physiology. The ability to adjust the colour and intensity of light can be used to trigger these hormones and positively affect building occupants. zencontrol provides the ability to easily control light prescriptions in an environment to increase productivity and improve well being.

Debugging Lighting Control Systems - zencontrol

Finding issues on site can be a cumbersome and time consuming task for any integrator. Use the zencontrol Cloud to monitor realtime, detailed traffic on multiple application controllers simultaneously from any location. Our debugging tools allow you to diagnose, action a response and get back to work quickly.

Time Based Controls - zencontrol

Time based controls / profiles
Changing the behaviour of lighting during different periods of the day is simple and easy with zencontrol. The building can be set up to change profiles at various times to meet the requirements of after hours, normal hours and holidays. Additionally, an installer can schedule tasks to occur based on the time or proximity to sunrise or sunset.

Occupancy Based Lighting Control

Occupancy based control
zencontrol is designed for sensors, which allows simple, easy, and automatic setup of presence and absence control in basic installations. zencontrol supports up to 63 sensors per DALI line and is ready for smart DALI luminaries. With per fitting occupancy control and light level compensation, energy savings and comfort can be easily increased.


A modern building requires many building services to be connected.

zencontrol makes integration easy with several supported methods:

  • BACnet over IP (client and server)
  • RS232 connections
  • Modbus over IP
  • Volt free I/O (low level triggers)
  • KNX over IP (coming 2018)
  • Cloud based API

Additionally, as BACnet, Modbus and KNX support is at the application controller level, no additional controller between the lighting control system and BMS is required. This reduces cost, increases speed and removes the risk of a single point failure.

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