Very pleased to announce that zencontrol have secured the lighting control package for One Chamberlain Square.

zencontrol will provide custom control panels within the shell and core areas providing DALI Version 2 controls and central battery integration, with local circuits monitored through circuit monitoring relays for fail safe operation.

zencontrol will also supply the lighting controls for Cat A on levels 1, 2 & 3. Pluggable DALI Version 2 LCM’s will be installed along with sensors and switches.

Perspective clients will benefit from zencontrols powerful analytic packages where the performance of luminaries, energy and space usage can be fully analysed and audited through the class leading zencontrol cloud platform.

zencontrol have also secured the the paradise circus car park which is the first phase of the new paradise circus redevelopment. zencontrol will be supplying DALI Version 2 Application Controllers, sensors, switch interfaces and relays with all emergency lighting tested and monitored through the zencontrol cloud.