zencontrol has supplied a bespoke control system for the newly refurbished Brynmor Jones Library at the University of Hull. The system will control lighting, ventilation fans and water solenoids, helping to minimise the building’s environmental impact and running costs.

The Brynmor Jones Library houses over 1 million books, as well as other paper and digital resources. Its multi-million pound refurbishment by BAM Construction North East was designed to create a flexible, technology-enabled facility with new facades and upgraded mechanical and electrical services.

As the building comprises two towers, zencontrol has configured the backbone of the control network to run up the East Tower first before returning to lower ground and ascending the West tower. The system makes extensive use of DALI-based control for both new and some existing light fittings. In addition there are interfaces to the building management system for activation of fans and water solenoids in WCs.

The system is monitored and controlled through a head-end PC, which also provides testing and monitoring of emergency lighting.