Pebble Mill, Birmingham

Located at Pebble Mill the Circle Birmingham Hospital will offer high quality care and excellent facilities.

The new hospital will provide three operating theatres that can be expanded and reconfigured to six, an endoscopy procedure room and 18 in-patient bedrooms. There shall also be a significant number of beds for patients with musculoskeletal and neurological conditions and comprehensive rehabilitation facilities.

zencontrol will provide a fully addressable DALI-2 lighting control system throughout, consisting of DALI-2 Application Controllers, DALI-2 Relays, DALI-2 PIR’s, DALI-2 Switch Interfaces and DALI-2 Scene Sets.

A graphical user interface will allow users to schedule emergency lighting tests and view emergency lighting test reports in addition to making system changes through the intuitive easy to use user interface.

The zencontrol system will fully integrate with the BMS using BACnet, providing information such as occupancy status and DALI faults, energy monitoring will also be provided through the system and shared with the BMS.

Contractor: Imtech Engineering Services Central