Royal Way, Pride Park, Derby DE24 8JB

zencontrol supplied a fully addressable lighting control system to provide both flexible lighting management and enhance energy efficiency at the newly constructed Derby Velodrome.

The new £28 million Derby Velodrome houses a 5,000 seat arena with a 250m cycle track, a 12-court sports hall, gymnasium, group exercise space and a cafe. The Velodrome opened in January 2015.

Specified by Derry Building Services, the lighting management system incorporates fully addressable lighting control modules with a wide range of intelligent sensors and interfaces which can be configured to meet both current and future needs of building occupants.

The system comprises a network of area controllers linked to a central control point on a PC running zencontrol’s RAPID front and system. This, in turn, controls a network of dimmable LCMs combined with presence detectors and switches, providing total control over the whole network from a single location.

Automatic detection is carried out by PIR and microwave occupancy detectors, some of which also incorporate light level detection, connected directly to local LCMs. Pre-defined lighting configuration scenes in selected areas such as meeting rooms are selected using a scene set panel.

The lighting management strategy is configured to meet the needs of the various spaces. For example, in circulation areas and those spaces with only occasional occupancy the occupancy detectors are set to ‘presence mode’, activating the lighting when presence is detected and extinguishing it after 15 minutes of detected absence. Time-out sequences can be altered between one minute and 99 minutes.

Some circulation areas are also controlled via a time scheduler during programmed hours, with presence detection out of hours.

In other areas, including meeting rooms and multi-function rooms, ‘absence mode’ requires users to energise the assigned fittings via a wall-mounted switch on entering the space. The lighting then remains on for as long as any presence detected. User activation on entry is also used the spaces that are only visited occasionally, such as plant rooms.

The end result is a highly versatile lighting system that is managed to meet the needs of the building’s users, adapt to the highly variable occupancy patterns and deliver optimum energy performance with minimum carbon emissions.

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