Technologies House, Wood La End, Hemel Hempstead HP2 4RQ

zencontrol has supplied a fully networked lighting management system to the new headquarters of Henkel UK. The system provides occupancy and scene-setting control, as well as monitoring of both general and emergency lighting.

Henkel is a global manufacturer with leading brands that include Schwarzkopf, Sellotape, Loctite and Pritt. The company’s new 2,800m² purpose-designed three-storey headquarters in Hemel Hempstead has brought three of its UK operations together under one roof.

Specified by consulting engineers Hoare Lea and installed by ECA Contracts Ltd, the lighting control network uses 10-channel lighting control modules (LCMs) throughout, with one luminaire per channel. In open plan office spaces the luminaires are zoned in accordance with the optimum layout for PIR sensors, thereby providing precise control in line with occupancy to maximise energy savings. In addition, scene-setting controls with pre-set scenes have been supplied for meeting rooms.

External lighting is also controlled through the system via two 3-phase, five-channel controllers.

The network is connected to a head-end PC which displays status as well as test and monitoring results. This includes automatic testing and monitoring of the emergency lighting by an EM PRO system.

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