Burton Street, Nottingham

Contractor: Imtech

Consultant: Arups

As one of the leading new universities in the UK, Nottingham Trent University provides students with first-class learning and teaching facilities. Since 2004 over £350million has been invested into the University and the implementation of this has seen dramatic changes to their three campuses.

This is a unique combination of a listed building, traditional tower offices linked together by a modern glass roofed area with over 600 control modules, 6000 luminaires 1150 of which are self contained emergency fittings.

An internal head end computer provides system configuration and automatic emergency test and monitoring for 1400 plus emergency fittings.

Scene setting linked to Audio Visual Touch Screen control panels feature in 22 lecture theatres whilst daylight linking, presence and absence control, along with programmable time scheduling combine to automate the lighting control throughout the buildings. The system also links to the security systems to provide ‘last man out’ override control.

The Project is remotely monitored by zencontrol’s Stafford Office and has been maintained continuously since handover.

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