Paradise Circus, Birmingham

Two Chamberlain Square is the second building on the Paradise Circus re-development within Birmingham city centre, providing 183,000 sq. ft. of office space across 8 floors.

zencontrol will provide a fully addressable DALI-2 lighting control system throughout, consisting of DALI-2 Application Controllers, DALI-2 Relays, DALI-2 PIR’s, DALI-2 Switch Interfaces and DALI-2 Scene Sets.

Custom panels will be located within the shell & core to provide sub-circuit monitoring and change-over relays for central battery integration.

A graphical user interface will allow users to schedule emergency lighting tests and view emergency lighting test reports in addition to making system changes through the intuitive easy to use user interface.

zencontrol will also supply emergency lighting products using the class leading Ektor range, with new and innovative features such as smart charging, soft charging and LiFePO4 battery technologies.

Contractor: BAM Construction