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Technology Ecosystems

Technology Ecosystems

I recently read an article about smart buildings and how these will be split into two distinct categories; Highly Integrated or Decentralised. The Highly Integrated solution is based on a single network and would be…


Hybrid the new connected

Technology needs a platform to launch itself from, similar to the launch pad of any rocket attempting to place a person into space or launch a satellite. The platform is the framework and support structure…

The modern Luddite

The modern Luddite

Luddite; a radical group of Nottingham textile workers who rebelled (1811-1816) against the fraudulent and deceitful manner in which mill owners worked around the standard labour practises. Interestingly it wasn’t a protest aimed at the…

Motivation of light

Motivation of Light

I intend to continue my theme of motivation as discussed within the Hierarchy of Light and talk about how another factor of Motivational Theory can be applied to Lighting. In 1959 Frederick Herzberg published “The…

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