Education and Training, one would assume are one and the same thing; but are they?

When we talk about Education, we generally consider this as the process of learning, or the way in which we acquire knowledge. We set a benchmark of skills and values based on education. When we have finished “Education,” generally our schooling, college, University years then our education is often more job focused.

Once working full time, we are then in the process of Training as in developing oneself to improve skills and knowledge.  Training has specific goals of improving one’s capability, capacity, productivity and performance.

As engineers we must continually develop our skills to reflect the changes and natural evolution of technology. We all need to be as up to date as we can and also have the necessary skills that allow us to properly evaluate technologies and make measured decisions based on a sound footing.

So how do you keep up to date and remain knowledgeable within your chosen career.
Obviously, you could continue your education with a master’s or further degree in lighting, but these are costly and often you need the support of your employer to undertake additional training.

We also need to understand that for many lighting is only part of their role and if you are a Building Services engineer then you have raft of other technologies you need to keep up to date with.

In Lighting we have organisations such as CIBSE’s Society of Light and Lighting who run a series of programs to promote lighting as well as the LIA who equally run courses on Lighting topics. In each case these courses are run by professionals in the industry and give a well-balanced approach to each topic, however these are only part of the solution as they have to be generalists.

As with all new developments the inventor or the company delivering that particular solution tend to be the experts in that field. Lighting and specifically areas such as the Internet of Things is awash with new ideas and technology but often these are packaged as sales pitches rather than a technical solution. The challenge is differentiating between Education and Selling; ultimately, we are all sales people and that is the name of the game, but I have found that by Educating our customers, we improve specification, minimise error and generally deliver projects that truly reflect the client’s needs.

As a company we collectively have many year’s experience within the Lighting controls market and have worked on projects covering all disciplines, from Commercial, Residential, Industrial, Rail, Airports, Hospitals and general infra structure. We have packaged that knowledge into a series of CPD’’s and dedicated training courses for engineers and end user clients to help educate and train them how to specify the right solution for their application.

We provide a balanced approach and believe that the right solution will always win through.

An open approach to controls has to be the right way to deliver technology and this is at the very core of zencontrol’s approach to lighting. Cloud based or locally hosted solutions using DALI-2 means interoperability is assured and inputs and well as outputs are interchangeable. Emergency integration is seamless especially with the Ektor range of emergency lighting and compatibility is maintained with compliant devices.

We train engineers on the standards and how to deliver good lighting and how this can be developed and integrated into the Internet of Things. This smart approach is part of our ongoing approach to Training that doesn’t stop when you leave Education but is part of an ongoing relationship with others to deliver the next generation of smart lighting.

For more information on any of our CPD’s or for a more focused discussion on a lighting topic, don’t hesitate to contact me.

Stewart Langdown FSLL

m: +44(0)7774 821093