Selecting the correct emergency luminaire for the right application has, historically been somewhat of a lottery. It was the proverbial “Grudge purchase”; it does nothing for the aesthetics of the building and let’s install the minimum legal number of luminaires to tick a box. Or worse still let an untrained individual pepper the site with low cost product that doesn’t deliver any semblance of emergency lighting coverage.

Emergency lighting is a safety system that should be given the same level of importance as a fire alarm system. They both save lives and one in my humble opinion goes hand in glove with the other. That said, noise alerts you to a potential threat but light leads you to safety.

A properly designed emergency lighting scheme can reduce the number of emergency luminaries within a building whilst at the same time improving overall emergency lighting levels and uniformity. Sometimes, less is more if you’re fighting the battle of uniformity. This is also why dedicated emergency luminaires make far more sense than the conversion of a luminaire that was never designed to operate in an emergency mode. There are of course exceptions, but in the majority of emergency lighting applications a dedicated emergency luminaire will outperform a conversion by a country mile.

Selecting the luminaire and battery technology is critical as this ensures the manufacturer matches the battery to the charging regime of their electronics to maintain safe charging for optimum performance and operating life. At zencontrol with our automated emergency test systems and emergency luminaires sold under the ektor brand we are able to provide a range of smart emergency lighting luminaires  that are fully compliant with IEC 62386/ DALI standard and have been designed to deliver industry leading performance.

The range of emergency lighting is extensive with luminaires and signage available for all your emergency needs. In addition to the general emergency requirements we have several simple and yet smart ways for automating the testing procedure using the DALI protocol.

The pre-programmed smart plug in chip allows contractors to pre-address the emergency modules in a logical sequence and ensure the right address is in the correct location. This aid to commissioning ensures systems are ready to network and communicate from installation.

The ektor wireless system is based on Wi-Fi and again uses a smart Wi-Fi plug-in to the standard driver within the ektor emergency luminaire. The system can be configured to run as a standalone wireless network or as a shared infrastructure system where the emergency lighting utilises the existing wireless infrastructure.

Perfect for retrofit and new build alike the advantages are that in the event of a failure of a device the communications and therefore testing data can be maintained by simply removing the smart wireless card and inserting it into the new luminaire. This is truly plug and play emergency lighting testing and monitoring.

We also offer extended warranties on emergency lighting when tested and monitored by zencontrol as we have a complete breakdown of all tests and the status of both the module and battery. Often this is linked to the zencontrol Cloud where we can run remote diagnostics and update the security of the system through its operating life. In addition, we also provide a maintenance program, so you are guaranteed the replacement parts, if required, perfectly match the luminaires and maintain system optimisation through life.

In summary, selecting the right emergency luminaire with the appropriate test system ensures your emergency lighting will perform as designed and will fulfil your obligations under current legislation. The design of the emergency lighting scheme should be carried out by a suitably trained lighting designer/engineer and finally, emergency lighting is only as good as the system monitoring; failure to maintain your emergency lighting is far worse than no emergency lighting as you’re providing false hope. Design it, test it and maintain it.

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