I often start these ramblings with a very loose idea of where I will end up. I should of course create a mind map of all of the possible outcomes and clearly set my objective as to what I hope to achieve before the end of the piece; I should but never do and why not you might ask? Experience; you can’t buy it, it is something you develop over years.

Experience on how the world works and hopefully experience within your chosen career. That said, some of us have more experience than others, that is we have more knowledge. That’s not to say that someone is more intelligent or has higher qualifications, it’s about learning from your mistakes, making improvements and developing. Education, is the key word here, educating oneself to better understand the work you do and the environment you work in.

Life throws up challenges and we will on occasion be ill-equipped to deal with them, but hopefully someone, be this a friend or work colleague will provide us with some framework on how to handle this challenge. You are calling on that individuals “Experience” to educate and inform you on how to handle a situation you haven’t encountered before.

We cannot know everything, and our work generally encourages us to be generalists rather than specialists so knowing those individuals or companies with Experience can help us to make better decisions.

Education, is the key to knowledge and ultimately experience. I strongly believe in education and over the years have lectured on the MSc and BSc for Lighting and have passed on my experience to a number of young engineers.

At zencontrol, we have taken this further and have produced a series of CPD’s to promote technology and Lighting control. These seminars discuss a wide range of lighting topics from DALI 2.0 and how this has revolutionised the Lighting controls world. How to specify controls, giving you a framework and focus for developing your own specification. Emergency lighting, an overview with a focus on testing and monitoring and finally the Internet of Things, security and connectivity.

These are intended to educate and hopefully give you the experience to design better lighting controls schemes that reflect current and future trends. These are independently reviewed and verified by CIBSE.

Experience has taught me one thing, if you don’t educate your customer then they will never know that they need your services. Likewise, if they don’t educate their client then there is no pull through on new technology.

For more information on the zencontrol CPD’s contact:

Stewart Langdown FSLL


m+44(0)7774 821093