what benefit control

What benefit control

I have already spoken about the impact LED’s have had in lighting and the considerable energy savings that have been realised through the so called “Ledification” of lighting. Dramatic energy savings have been achieved and…


How to be smart

Following on from latest blog I am going to focus on the issue of training and the challenges that we face in an ever-evolving market. We can’t know everything and anyone who says they do…

Listen and Learn

Listen & Learn

The best sales people are those that take the time to listen to what you need and then propose a solution that meets your needs. It's a simple enough process providing you first listen and…

Fixed ideas

Fixed ideas

Nothing is fixed in time so why do we have fixed ideas I had an interesting conversation today with a customer, who’s own client was very much stuck in their ways and didn’t want to embrace technology.…

What price obsolescence

What price obsolescence

Why do we still use dated technology, why do we use inefficient technologies that restrict operation and why oh why do we lumber ourselves with expensive and restrictive maintenance contracts? Everyday I see projects being…

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