There have been some exciting changes at zencontrol that will enable us to offer our customers the most advanced lighting control products and technology backed by an expertise gained in over a decade of lighting control system design.

We have enjoyed considerable success with our lighting controls solutions and worked on many prestigious projects since our incorporation in 2006 but we have also strived to find ways in which to enhance the range of controls and services we offer, in order to stay ahead of the game and provide the best possible service to our clients.

For some time we have been conducting a review of the lighting control technologies and products currently in use, both in the UK and the global lighting controls industries, and this led to the decision that, in order to meet our exacting requirements, we had to provide a futureproof lighting control solution that is fully compliant to IEC 62386 (the DALI and DiiA open standard) and IoT compatible. After a lengthy research process we found exactly what we were looking for – zencontrol.

  • zencontrol has been designed in Australia by one of the largest lighting control R&D departments in the world.
  • zencontrol captures all of the very latest draft compliant functionality of DALI 2 utilising Ethernet connectivity with high level enterprise grade encryption protection.
  • zencontrol suits large addressable projects as well as small standalone type installations.
  • zencontrol caters for future requirements , from heat mapping to circadian rhythms – zencontrol software team is continually working on tomorrows requirements today.
  • zencontrol caters to the individual needs of each space in a building – providing monitoring, management and total control.
  • zencontrol will revolutionise the way we look at lighting control so we now provide FOC workshop sessions for installing teams to ensure quick and seemliness installations and commissioning.


We believe this to be by far the most advanced lighting control system in the market place today .

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