Emergency Lighting

Emergency lighting is essential to illuminate work areas and escape routes when the power to normal lighting fails. In most regions legislation demands that emergency lighting is regularly tested and maintained in full working order to ensure occupant safety should an emergency occur.

IEC 62386 Part 202, DALI device type 1, is one of the only emergency standards that exists which:
▪Is published as an international standard by a reputable body
▪Is peer reviewed
▪Has full testing specifications to which products can be certified as compliant

zencontrol allows building owners to break the areas into tenancies and allow individual tenancies to manage and maintain their own records, while also being able to audit the records of all tenants.

zencontrol takes advantage of DALI compliant emergency lighting and can provide fast and correct testing.

Ektor UK

Our sister company Ektor UK Ltd is the UK distributor for the Ektor range of emergency lighting products manufactured by Maco Lighting. The high performance products are designed in Australia by the Maco research and design team who pride themselves on high quality design, manufacture and service with an innovative capacity to stay ahead of the field. Our products include:

  • Exit signs
  • Safety signs
  • Emergency lights
  • Inverters
  • Ballasts
  • Automation devices incorporating the DALI & DALI emergency control protocols
Emergency Lighting