zencontrol has supplied sophisticated, bespoke energy-saving lighting management systems for three new police stations in West Yorkshire. Each of the systems is designed to deliver optimum energy efficiency, combined with the inherent flexibility to meet diverse lighting control requirements and to provide automatic testing and monitoring of emergency lighting.

The three new facilities – the Leeds District (DHQ) & Custody Suite at Elland Road, the Carr Gate Specialist Ops Training Facility in Wakefield and the Wakefield DHQ & Custody Suite in Normanton – have been constructed under an Interserve-led PFI project for West Yorkshire Police and Crime Commissioner. The largest of these buildings is the Leeds DHQ, which accommodates more than 1,100 staff and houses the district command centre, officers responding to 999 calls, CID and neighbourhood police.

Working closely with Interserve, zencontrol supplied and commissioning of all three projects simultaneously, covering a total of over 30,000 addressable DALI devices, including around 20,000 luminaires – each with an individual DALI address. The spaces controlled through the systems range from open office areas and training areas through to cell blocks and firing ranges – all of which have complex switching requirements.

There is also a large building used for public order training, which incorporates several types of lighting to simulate different types of environments that officers may be required to enter.
The DALI panels were specially designed so that they could be fitted in risers and all of the systems are monitored centrally at zencontrol’s headquarters, in support of West Yorkshire Police’s facilities management team.

In order to achieve the requirement for optimum energy and cost efficiency the lighting control strategy includes daylight linking, presence & absence detection and scene setting panels in meeting rooms. In this way the facilities are able to take full advantage of daylight availability whilst also ensuring that the lighting is able to respond to the variable occupancy of individual spaces.