We at zencontrol are pleased to offer 4 CPD presentations which are either currently approved or under review by the Chartered Institute of Building Services CIBSE. The topics covered are all related to lighting control and cover the full spectrum of lighting management.

The titles of the presentations are as follows;

DALI 2.0 Features and Benefits of an Open standard

In this presentation, we discuss the practical application and benefits of DALI 2.0 and review the legacy systems of DALI 1 and how these can be bought up to date. We discuss each section of the DALI standard particularly Part 103 Particular requirements for control input devices (switches and sensors) and Part 104 which is the DALI to wireless standard still in development.


Emergency Lighting Automatic Testing Compliance to IEC 62034

As a manufacturer of emergency lighting and controls, zencontrol are well positioned to advise on emergency lighting and testing. How safe are the buildings that you specify; do they comply with IEC 62034: 2006 Automatic test systems for battery powered emergency escape lighting. We will touch on some of the basics of emergency design and provide you with the knowledge to enable you to be confident that your testing and maintenance regime is compliant. We will also dispel some of the myths associated with certain battery technologies.

IoT Security and Lighting management.

One of hottest topics of the moment, we discuss the rise of IoT and in this presentation focus on the challenges of security and the risks there in of having and unsecured network. Whether your system is wired or wireless, without a secure and stable infrastructure, you are exposing your client to unnecessary risk.


How to specify Lighting controls

This potentially is a huge topic so we have streamlined the process to give our overview of what we as a Lighting Management company need from you to deliver the system that meets your needs and the needs of your client. What are the minimum legislative requirements; what is best practise and how do we design for the future.

Additionally, we can provide more detailed presentations on the zencontrol lighting management platform as well as the rise and integration of the Internet of Things (IoT) in Lighting and general building management.

All zencontrol presentations count towards CIBSE Continuing Professional Development requirement.

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