Plan view

With the zencontrol plan view, Facilities managers, maintenance engineers and planners can quickly and easily visualise the site

  • See faults
  • See the current light levels
  • Make repairs easily
  • Click on lights / sensor / switches to configure and set up

Occupancy use maps

Occupancy use maps are visual reports on area utilisation and are perfect for designers and building managers looking to better understand their building usage.

  • Understand when resources are over booked
  • Determine main movement paths and critical areas for maintenance
  • Schedule maintenance on usage
  • Prioritise maintenance and upgrade based on risk
  • Change the lighting control based on usage to gain maximum energy savings
  • Analyse which room and areas have the highest utilisation, and reconfigure the building accordingly

Lux level mapping

Traditional methods on understanding lux levels and daylight harvesting have relied on personal using portable lux meters and taking many manual readings.

With lux level mapping a user can:

  • Understand their light levels better
  • Understand how well the lighting has been setup
  • Understand how much natural daylight has contributed to light levels
  • Determine critical lighting areas easier
  • Change your building control to maximize energy savings




Colour shift tracking

Measure and analyse a sites colour performance over time. While many LED manufacturers are full of promise about the performance of their products the ability to measure actual performance has been difficult. With zencontrol analytics building owners have the ability to track the change CRI and colour, in addition to illuminance, of a room over time.


Understand the lifetime of a manufactures’ products with full lifetime tracking and statistics. Lifetime tracking allows building own to see which brands are preforming better and living up to the manufactures promise.

Lifetime Graph

Power usage mapping

With Power usage mapping, users can understand power usage of the buildings lighting without expensive circuit monitoring

  • See per fitting, room, floor or departments
  • Track power usage over time to see how power saving plans have worked
  • Identify high power consumption areas
  • Employ strategies to reduce power consumption
  • Change your building control to maximise energy savings
  • Works with Tridonic PRE-devices, zencontrol drivers and DALI devices supporting DALI device Type 219

Payback Tracking

Understand and track your lighting changes and get accurate understanding of the actual payback time (predicted vs actual).

  • See when a fitting is replaced
  • See time until payback
  • Estimate payback rate